Li Signature Series by Zsuzsa Berenyi

Zsuzsanna Berenyi, official Li Pigments distributor in Hungary introduces you her Signature Series, a box of 4 lip colour pigments. 

Zsuzsanna Berenyi is a Hungarian leading permanent makeup artist,  trainer and national conference speaker.  

She’s been in the industry for 22 years, since 1997. She is in love with lips, they are her passion.

Her unique lips techniqe has earned her a recognition.  

She only offers the latest techniques, trainings and best quality products. 

Since 2015 she has been the official distributor of Li Pigments in Hungary.  

Last year, in 2018 she was offered to create her own lip pigments in a signature series by Li Pigments.  

About Zsuzsanna Berenyi Signature Series 

These four lip colours are designed and developed by Zsuzsanna  Berenyi and created by Li Pigments. 

The pigments are made to make PMU Artists’ lives MUCH EASIER ! 

Zsuzsanna  worked very closely with Li Pigments to develop and  formulate a very new and unique pigment formulation using organics. 

All four colors are new, custom tones developed exclusively  by and for Zsuzsanna. The colours are unique, specially designed to favour the customers wishes.  

“After many years in this industry I finally formulated 4 ideal  shades for lips. They are all time favourite in my salon, I use these recipes for ages and they are hard to beat.  

The shades suits for natural, nude and also vibrant looks, PMU artists can use my box as a starter kit. The perfect 4 shades for any lip procedure. “ Zsuzsanna Berenyi. 

Most of PMU artists are afraid of lips. 

It is really difficult…

– to choose the right colour

– hard to explain how it is going to look on the client because of the vibrant colours

– it is problematic if you need to correct the shape a lot, or if the client has a previous tattoo with an unfortunate bad shape. 

Zsuzsanna Berenyi has 22 years of experience. Lips are her favourite part, she learned a lot in this matter. For years she has had the recipes for the most wanted colours by her clients.

On her masterclasses she is teaching other artists to have a few well known techniques and pigments and shades she could use most of the times. 

You do not need 50 shades of pink, or red, or oranges…

You need a couple of shades what your clients want all the time: 

– The natural look, which is normally a natural pink,

– The nude look, which has been the trendi one for years now,

– The meaty colour no one can really explain, but they want it

– And the Red one, the ferrari red which is vibrant and sexy.

Zsuzsanna Berenyi knows the recipes and gladly accepted the cooperation with Li Pigments. She and Li Pigments Chemical Team have been creating her signature line for over a year. Testing was a long procedure so was getting the permissions and regulations. 

Zsuzsanna Berenyi Signature Series


Perfectly Natural

„Do it as natural as my original lip colour” – this is the line from most of my guests in the salon.

This is why I created this pale peachy pink which contains a bit of orange as well, so it gives a natural pink shade even to lips with cold undertone. Appropriate for Fitzpatrick skin types I-III.

Suza’s Nude Lip
This colour gives you the perfect nude effect for Fitzpatrick skin types I-III, for ladies who want a light, but still  seen lip tattoo. It cannot go cold beause of the orange and the yellow in the base.

Marvellous Mauve

The big hit for the ladies, „the meaty colour”, which is mauve in lipsticks as well. Depending on the undertone of the lips it can be darker, deeper, but still suitable for every day-wear. Appropriate for Fitzpatrick II-IV.

Divas red

If you desire blaze and you want everyone to remember your smile because your lips are like Ferrari red, use this colour. This is a mixture of sexy reds, appropriate for Fitzpatrick skin types I-IV.

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