Veronica Petrás BreezyMachine Masterclass

Come and join us in Visegrad, Hungary for an exquisite masterclass.

On the 17th August Veronika Petrás from the Checz Republic is going to have a course you will never forget!


Veronika is a recognized artist and trainer of PMU around the world. She has worked as PMU artist in New York City in central of Manhattan and she trained her unique patented Breezy technique in several world destinations such as Toronto, Mexico, Dubai, London, Istanbul and others.

Veronika has acted as a speaker at world PMU conferences such as The PMU LasVegas conference, PMU Endorphin by Oksana Martynenko and Onika Elena, Phi MasterClass by Branko Babic, where she received the award “World’s Best PhiRoyal Artist 2019”.

You can see her this year at the PMU WULOP World Championships in Antalya, Turkey, not only as a judge, but also as a speaker.

Organizer and juror in the semifinals of the WULOP 2021 permanent makeup championship for the Czech Republic and Slovakia

She is owner of LaMajja PMU academy in Czech Republic
Inventor of BreezyBrows technique 

BreezyMACHINE MasterClass

The “Breezy” technique really imitates eyebrow hair. The goal is to achieve the most natural effect, which will respect the shape of the eyebrows and the direction of hair growth so that the client can hardly distinguish tattooed hair from their own. The resulting effect of BreezyBrows is an airy virgin eyebrow that lasts on the skin for about 2 years.

The course is a one-day workshop, which begins with a week preparation before the course itself through joint communication, study of online materials and fulfillment of assigned works. This means that the course is not just a one-day workshop, but a course that lasts a whole week.

During the workshop you will learn:

  • Initiation into differences in individual techniques
  • How to do a perfect Breezy shape, which absolutely goes beyond other eyebrow shapes
  • How to achieve unrivaled healed results. Hair that will not blur over time
  • Differences in pigments
  • Special Breezy pattern
  • Different types of eyebrows and hair growth
  • Work on exercise latexes
  • Demonstration on a live model

In the course, you will receive a kit that will contain mainly study materials and the most popular products that will help you achieve the best possible results of Breezy technique.
After completing the course you will get a certificate.

The best of the students, who in time will have great results with Breezy technique can be placed on the LaMajja map. Thanks to this they can receive requests from customers from all of the world.

As an added BONUS to the course, you will receive a lesson on how to create professional photos that will represent your work.


  • You will receive a certificate of Breezy technique
  • Part of the teaching takes place ONLINE from the comfort of home.
  • Possibility of consultations with Veronika Petrás, author of Breezy technique.
  • Teaching only the most modern techniques by following current trends.
  • Individual approach to students
  • Option to recieve orders worldwide thanks to the location on the LaMajja map and where we add only the best students.
  • 1 year access to the online course platform.


The masterclass takes place in Visegrad, Hungary. Hotel Visegrád is hosting the day, food, drinks, coffee breaks are given by the organizer.


Accommodation: You can stay at the hotel if you need it, please mention in the registration form.


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